When Development began we started simple: It was all about killing monsters with chance to earn ‘loot money’ in the form of a small Bitcoin transaction straight to your game wallet. This was super fun, but we quickly learned that with Blockchain tech we could go further and create something never seen before.

A block market

We quicky ditched the loot money idea and implemented a simple trading bot with a ‘buy low, sell high’ strategy. His name is Wendor and you can find him in most areas of the game.

The trading bot owns an inventory, so when a player sells any item acquired by killing monsters, it becomes available for others to buy at a higher price. It’s not possible to buy something that is sold out and Wendor won’t buy more past his quota, so we make sure each item was won by a player and not created from thin air. We think this makes the game more challenging and fun, and we’ll make sure to hide very rare stuff in combination with useful and easy to find items everywhere in the game.

Prices on the market are dynamic: the bot will attempt to accumulate a certain number of items and price will be lower with greater supplies. Purchases -as they are subtracted from inventory- will reverse items to higher prices.

The first generation of our market price function

All the market transactions are instant Bitcoin payments; The trading bot profits go straight to other players in exchange for items and we keep nothing. So that’s how you win money on Hammercoin.

On Bitcoin limits

But not so fast: there’s a limit on how many Bitcoin transactions can happen on the network. At the time of this writing is ~25,200 per hour and it’s capacity is hit every day. That becomes a huge problem for microtransactions and there’s only a few that each player can make per day.

Our temporary solution is allowing transactions for bulks of items, broadcasting to the network only the ‘shopping cart’ balance instead of a per-item transaction.

Future versions of the game will implement newer Bitcoin technology (like payment channels or lightning network) to make every transaction go through our off-chain channels, but this technology must be battle tested before going live and it’s gonna take several months. We look forward to contribute with the Bitcoin community to make this happen sooner.

Our business model

While it’s easy to implement a ‘transaction fee’ that goes to our company, we feel we must at least try something new.

For now, the game will continue to be available in the itch.io store, and soon we will launch skins and special editions for fans. We hope this can support our development costs so that all transactions in the game are between players.

Get early access

We expect to ship 1.0 sometime in March 2017 (just a few months away from the time of this writing) but you can buy the early access Hammercoin that will get you the full release when it’s done.